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Click here for downloading the free booklet! The activities described below are for getting people to speak out. I really like the visuals you provided! First, create the team Radar, and the next step is to discuss the score using also the pyramid. I don’t have that many different activities for this stage. Your email address will not be published. Why should you speak at Aginext? This is basically the same activity as for example Liked, Learned, Longed For, but by using different terms, pictures you challenge the team and keep it fun. Another activity to collect data. ScatterSpoke is an agile retrospective tool where anyone on your team can quickly launch and share a retro with team members. Don’t use regular whiteboard markers to create your flipcharts. I think these should be a recommended reading after scrum training, theory is great when you train but they don’t teach you how to actually run a retrospective, this would be really helpful for students and novices alike – anyone learning scrum really, Thanks! Could you please suggest some ideas for remote team. A quick way of getting feedback. What didn’t you dare to do? I understand and agree that my data will be used to send me a newsletter. This method works well when you and your team … When you talk to those teams, they often complain that the retrospectives are not interesting anymore, they are boring, not productive, and are considered as just another mandatory tiresome meeting. This activity is related to Scrum and can be used to evaluate how happy the team is about the different Scrum elements. Let’s dive into the community’s suggestions. Make sure you put the sticky notes back in your pocket, keep it anonymous and throw them away afterwards. Ask the attendees to write in a maximum of 140 characters what they would like to say about the retrospective. Rank the items of the DoD in order which one we always do. Hi Ralph! Here are some retrospective formats to try: Start, Stop, Continue – this format helps the team … by Lisette Sutherland. That really helps to make such meetings real and short, as they should be. The team should think for the following three topics. Great post, as usual! The drawing bottom right is not sunny side up… but the sun. Easy to use … I wrote them down primarily because I like to help people and organizations get started with Management 3.0 as well. Just say whatever you think it means. You can use this also at the end of a meeting. You can choose from an existing template then use Build Mode to edit the board to suit your needs. Lead by Example, make sure you also give one or more Kudo cards. Your remote team should jot down all of the action items you identify on the Miro board. I use most of the ideas here and the team loves it. The pair who was closest by the final ranking won a small price.I used this form to collect the data: We Do – We Value form. An E, S, V or P will do. It is what you celebrate, do you celebrate failure or success? Ask the people to put a sticky note on the energy level that represents their eagerness for the next iteration. After the first step, one person of every group goes to the next group, one team members stays with the form. Thank you for being a community. Now I hear you think… you know that activity! The second-ranking was which DoD items do we value most. This is a more complex activity. Just ask them to put sticky notes on the flip chart how they feel about the different items. But some of the pictures are not loading, could you please check them? I will send you the pdf file by email. Explain to them the category is not even that important, as long as the item is on the flip chart. Whether you’re new to the software development game or been a player for years, chances are you’ve participated in a sprint retrospective.If done well, these agile meetings can highlight opportunities for change, generate meaningful process improvements, and ultimately move the team … I often combine Gather the Data with Generate Insights. Go back to the main room and show the pictures and compare to the original one. Ask people to select an Improv Card that represents how they feel about the last iteration. My team surely love the ideas. Great post!! Now, give the team 10 minutes to nominate and make this part of the collaborative process. Some of those ideas can also be used in distributed teams, using tools like or retrium. No further explanation needed I guess… make sure you got enough Lego . This is a retrospective idea folks might be familiar with, but there’s a reason it … Privacy Ask the attendees to put a sticky note on the drawing that represents the value of the retrospective for them. Ask people to put a sticky note on the weather that represents for them the last iteration. Have a retro … This could be the start of a Kudo card Wall in your team. In this step, we establish the focus for the retrospective, share the plan for the meeting, establish or re-purpose work agreements, and get every person in the room in the meeting. Ask people to write down things that happened and to put them on the flip chart where they think the item should be. If you discuss a specific topic, make sure the data is related to the topic. Next step is to discuss the outcome. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what they think the emoticon is; they need to explain it anyways. Download my free Management 3.0 book, or attend a Management 3.0 Workshop. Depending on the score… there is again work to do. An activity like Liked, Learned, Lacked and Longer For of Superhero. Did they think it was perfect, a Diamant, or far from perfect, charcoal? As a visual learner the pictures really helped me implement with my team. After the second step, discuss the results with the whole team. Stephen Morris offered an online version of Battleship … People who have worked with me, know how important I believe retrospectives are. In this case, I reviewed the Definition Of Done. Ask people to give scores on the form. In this stage, you try to discover root causes, patterns, create shared awareness. If the energy levels are low… there is work to do. In this case 0..10. Thank you! Be careful, the retro is done but this could start a new discussion. Ask people to write down how they feel about team. Now they’re all showing up. Summer stands for happy, hot, outside, cheerful and Autumn refers to change, colorful, windy and getting darker. They can show their office space, guiding the team through their home, co … Also if they use synthetic data — highly accurate completely private data — they could then try out any tools they’d like, completely securely. What idea should I implement? Make your life easy as a facilitator. The Scrum Master will need to create a radiator page for this hard data, so it is easy to share with the remote agile team during an online meeting. You can use the three W of course for every item you would like to review with the team. Form is being submitted, please wait a bit. Are there items that we can skip, or items that we value but don’t give enough focus? In this stage, you create a shared pool of data. You can also export your board data to various formats … However, I just do it… and people seem to like it OK. As I said, retrospectives (any meeting) should be colorful. Ask people to write down their feeling on a sticky note. These are nice ideas, thank you. Another straightforward to collect data. By rotating people, they will see items of the other groups and this will generate new insights. What do you think was super? Agile Strides promises they will only use this data for their newsletter. A booklet with all the activities described in this blog post plus more! What do you think was strange? First up we have an Aginext speaker who wanted to take a bit more time to turn his activity remote. In this case, you can use the template at the bottom of the flip chart to help the team define SMART actions. A simple activity where people pair up and write down what went well and what worried them. We can have a lot of discussion about Agile and what it stands for, but for me, when you have no regular retrospectives, things are definitely not Agile. There is nothing wrong using the same activity, but not every retrospective the same activity. You’ll be able to easily identify obstacles and discuss ideas … I am really glad you put pictures with each suggestion. Including new ideas (team brainstorming) and … Time: Short (10-15 minutes) or long (30 minutes to an hour) Rules: … These are really awesome ideas! Since not everyone may be comfortable with sharing this verbally, ask your team … It is the role of the facilitator to challenge the team to come up with actionable items. As the facilitator, mark the score on the flip chart. In case you prefer the paperback version, click here. Very kind of you to share these! Subscribe to my newsletter and you will get it for free! However, you ask the people to draw the iteration on a sticky note. Explain it should be about how they feel at this moment. If they all say it was low… there is again work to do. If you select the not the English version, you will only get a pdf file. The Netherlands. Many Scrum Masters, or facilitators, always use the same activities during the retrospective. Stop What activities the team … End the group exercise with a 20-minute discussion of why the selected items are the “best” in their category. Again make sure you do it anonymous. Once you're ready to turn ideas … Some of the closing retrospectives can also be used as a starting activity. I would advise you to read the book first before playing this activity. The most interesting sticky notes are when people categorize the same events/facts in different areas. To close this blog post some general tips about using flip charts during the retrospective. Spotify calls it the Squad Health Check. Remote work can be a lonely business. Just write the what, who and when on a sticky note and put it on the paper. The final step was to make a final ranking. What is our superpower as a team? I don't knowCxO Level,VP or DirectorFunctional Manager or Team LeaderCreative or Knowledge WorkerProject Manager or Product OwnerScrum Master or Agile CoachChange Management or ConsultantHuman ResourcesStartup Founder or Entrepreneur, Language Read my blog post about how to create actionable items. In this blog post, I want to share some ideas for hosting agile retrospectives, including some ideas on how to make a retrospective visual more attractive. I first asked the people to pair with someone else. Ask the team to group the cards them, don’t do it yourself. The categories are Liked, Learned, Lacked and Longed For. This was the first time I’d heard of the Celebration Grid and I did it in our retro today. What are our weaknesses as a team? Maybe it was a small glitch somewhere along the line. Then ask the team to vote on the three categories. This will make it very easy to reuse the flipcharts. Make sure you got stickies. A positive closing of the retrospective. Ask attendees to write just one final word on a sticky note. Be creative, experiment, and learn! Tel: +31 73 2032264 Jackbox Games – “Since 2014, we’ve been releasing collections of easy-to-play party games for … Simple and effective, everyone has to speak out. Make forms where you explain in more detail what the topics are. As this blog post is very popular, I decided to create a booklet for free! The dispersed team questions retrospective exercise is a variant of the questions-based retrospective for teams consisting of members working from different locations, for example, team … I am enthusiastic to start it in my Retro. Sign in with Google to Get Started Free Save money by not spending … Discuss the results, in case you got all prisoners; I would advise you to improvise and talk about why they feel like a prisoner. Last week, the Management 3.0 Team had a team retrospective…remotely, of course.. We recently changed the way we organize ourselves–from a team of nine that met regularly to splitting into four different crews that met at different times. Instructions for all activities below. I call it the Improvement Score Board. Before we start the first activity, I always show this flip chart. Please enter your email address below. Create your own twitter wall. Avoid group-think and bias. Retrospection is one the the most vital inspect and adapt ceremony in Scrum, yet it is the most underutilized ceremony for various reasons despite the fact that it is one of those ceremonies which can be done in many different ways. Below, each step is broken down to help you and your remote team members emerge from the retro with an actionable task, or “Now Action.” Allocate at least 90 minutes for your first attempt, after which … This data can still be used for teams meeting in person. That is the reason I shared them via this blog post! A great retrospective should generate ideas for improvement in the next sprint, and for your teams process as a whole. Magic! I will try and implement with my team, which is a bit difficult since 90% of the team are remote. I really recommend, and I mean really recommend, that you read the book Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great by Diana Larsen and Esther Derby. In this book, the authors explain a retrospective as having the following steps: For every step you can use an activity. The activity is described here, it is inspired by Spotify. Always, and I always read it out loud. agile, blog. You could ask people to explain their one word. Ask them to fold the papers. Ask the team if they a pattern or something they want to discuss. Just another format. “Two truths and a lie” A simple, but a good one and very easy to do remote. Wanting to understand, through the below survey, on how effectively Scrum Masters/Agile Coaches facilitate Retrospection ceremony as an Inspect and Adapt process so that team members enhances their productivity. Activity from the book Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great. I do this activity every three/four months. Positive closure of the retrospective. Fun Retro – We used the Went Well > To Improve > Action Items and Keep – Add – More Less templates; More Remote Retro Tooling. Ask the attendees to play “darts” with a sticky note. If possible you can group them per theme or goal. This is an activity you can use in a retro with Superheroes as a theme. Also check out the site of Lisette Sutherlands, These are great ideas! We did this because we need to scale, and even though we’re a happy team… This is good to show the importance of being communicative and understanding that not everyone knows what is in your head. Vacationer, glad to be away from his desk. Always use sticky notes on the flip charts. Zandstraat 27a The first question is, what is your superpower? The Mutant Star Fish exercise gives great retrospective ideas to focus on people´s individual needs and performance. Why do they think Wow it is great, or Wondering if it is OK, or are Worried about something? Spring is related to new, grow, fresh, light. You can also just ask the team to put a sticky note on one of the emoticons when they leave the room. Have fun reading it! Stay up to date with our newsletter. Which skill or competence do you bring with you to the team? When your team members are remote, it can be a great idea to schedule an actual tour of each remote employee’s location! Another flip chart that describes how the team can define their actions. The first flip chart you will draw will maybe look bad, but you will improve every retrospective. It's practically EVERYTHING a retrospective tool for a remote teams needs to be, look and feel like. I am not going to explain in depth how you should organize a retrospective. This is a free format discussion, so you just have to see which topics the team will bring up. Ask people to answer one of the questions, one thing they learned or a thank you to someone. You can use any set of cards, as long as it triggers the ideas of people. The green areas are the areas you celebrate, and there is nothing wrong to celebrate now and then you use best practices. This will make people think about issues and possible solutions. For those who aren’t … What is the Return Of Time Invested in the retro. The total size is around 4 mb, if you have a limit on your incoming email, please contact me by email (info (@) Superpowers? You can ask the team to write what surprised them during the retro and/or what made them feel good. Paul Harding invented the Pixel Challenge that can be done individually or collaboratively. 37 Best Virtual Team Building Activities (Ranked) The following is a short list of the best virtual team building activities for remote teams and employees. Note that most activities come from Retromat, some from the book mentioned earlier Fun Retrospectives, some I found using Google and some of them I created myself. You will receive the book within five minutes in your inbox, be patient. Yes, indeed a typo in the title of the flip chart. Discuss the results and especially when there are some people feeling Sunny and some are feeling like Rain. Great post! Almost the same as the previous activity. What do you think was bad? Collaborate with your remote team and get better in what you do with a simple, intuitive and beautiful tool ... EasyRetro is a fun retrospective (‘retro’ for short) tool you can use for your regular sprint session to discuss what went well and what didn’t. Ask them to explain why they put a sticky note on a certain emoticon. Winter refers to cozy, cold, inside, slow. As this blog post is very popular, I decided to create a booklet for free! I understand your point however with tools like you can also use this kind of visuals. Creative Team Meeting Ideas for Companies with Remote Teams Advances in Internet and apps for smartphones have reduced dependence upon traditional offices and long commutes. As soon as you have said something, it will be easier to say something again. It helps to identify teams´ issues. Ask people to put a sticky note on how they feel, or how they experienced the last iteration. Ask people to build something with Lego bricks, which represents a possible next step for the team. … I often combine Gather The Data with the next step Generate Insights. Thank you for putting them here. Thanks. Thank you so much! EnglishChineseFrenchSpanishRussian. By using different words and different drawing you challenge and surprise people again. Which events? Do you have other remote retro ideas? Buy quality markers, from example Neuland. SailboatThe sailboat template for running a sprint retrospective is one my favourites. The mistakes I made and the successes I achieved. Ask people to write a Kudo card. Craig Cockburn reminds us not to forget about pre-mortems and recommended. Why should you speak at a conference? Ask the team to be creative with Lego bricks and build something that provides feedback to you. Retrium. Ask them to explain their drawing. It is a must read if you want to learn more about retrospectives. We use cookies and similar technologies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website, as well as to marketing purposes. The actions are not executed, but how do they feel at this moment about the time invested? Everyone can post cards in real-time, vote on issues, create groups, or pin items for follow up. A quick way of getting feedback about a topic. September 25, 2017 — An issue I need to discuss with the manager or with the team, depending on the maturity level of the team. Weird.. works on my internet Can you please tell which pictures don’t load? I understand and agree that my data will be used to send me a newsletter. Most agile coaches recommend that you should aim for at least five items, but no more than 10. What is your superpower for the team? … True sign of someone who wants ALL teams to do well… and do better! In this case, we talked about topics described on the flip chart. Great to hear. Ask the team to write down what they think is the superpower of the team. Any suggestions? It is now possible for companies small and large to hold remote … Explorer, exciting to be in the retro and eager to discover and learn new things. If I have the feeling something conflicts with Prime Directive of Retrospectives, there is a major issue. 1. Start, Stop, Continue is an action-oriented retrospective technique that encourage participants to come up with practical ideas for team-based improvement. Finding root causes is already difficult but defining actionable items is even more difficult for some team members. Straightforward activity. Retrium is a retrospective tool specifically designed to identify problems that threaten to … Ask people how they felt about last sprint or maybe a specific topic. Shopper, happy to be in the retro and open to learn new things. Happy Retrospective Day everyone! To make it fun, it should be visual and colorful. A tool to get insights on several areas at once. Agile Retrospectives Easily run retros with guided facilitation techniques for face-to-face or remote teams. Some people will ask what does this emoticon mean? However, this time without goals. Someone suggested Office 365 tooling that has security compliance baked right in, including Trello clone Microsoft Planner has a Trello clone called Microsoft Planner with data security baked in, Microsoft Teams for remote collaboration and then Power BI for data visualization. Make groups of two people and ask them to fill in this form: What Went Well – What Worries You – Form – A3. Ask them to explain the word. I will just share the activities to make your retrospective fun and how to make things visual. You connect people to the meeting. Discuss the creations, ask people to explain their solution. Maybe it was a bit too creative . Mark the score, and discuss the results. The last step was to discuss the ranking. We had to get help from our neighbours and use sticks and other tools to remove these blockers so we could get the kite free. Be aware, it are a lot of pictures so it could take a while. Peter Weare and his Modulearn team were originally going to run a Casino Night at our Aginext advanced agile conference. 5391 AL Nuland I would like to have a first Retrospective that is fun and also get to know each other better. In the case of a remote retro, though, it’s crucial to capture the items we discussed and what we agreed to do afterward and send that out to the participants. Start What activities the team should start doing in the next sprint. Next step was splitting the team, every team again creating both rankings. Good point! how to add fun or sprie it up when entire team is attending retro on video call. (Although RO is known for their high internet speed). As always, lead by example and give the first Kudo card yourself. I used the questions from the book to collect the data. The 3-column template requires all retro participants to list and share their ideas on what went well and what did not go well during the previous work iteration (for example the previous week), discuss and share feedback, and agree on what actions need to be taken moving forward.. One remote challenge that came up in our lean coffee is banks and other heavily regulated industries don’t allow teams to use such tools because of security and privacy issues. Love these, I have used some of these but great to see them all in one place. Your email address will not be published. However, feel free to pick your own topics. By opening up the lines of communication, retrospectives should not only allow the team … Write down who will do the action, what the action is, and when the action needs to be done. A booklet with all the activities described in this blog post plus more! The lean coffee is explained on the flip chart or you can read more about it here.

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