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Just then, Nathan walks in and becomes jealously agitated by their presence alone together, but Sophie calms his perilously mounting temper. The youths become so excited when the baron returns that they fall out of a rowboat in the lake. Upset that Annie needs to get high in order to make love, he takes the joint away. After Mr. Bailey's death, George's trip is canceled, but he still plans to leave for college until he learns that the board of directors of his father's financially tenuous building and loan society will not keep it open unless George manages it. Terry shows her his own prize bird, then asks her if she would like to have a beer with him. Soon after, Grandpa dies and is buried alongside the road. Moved by Sugar’s despair, Joe places the diamond bracelet in a box of flowers and pushes it across the hall to her door as a farewell gift from Junior. Butch angrily accuses Harriman of bad business practices, declaring that if the tycoon would simply pay them the money he has paid the posse, Butch would stop robbing him. Appalled, Sugar begs Joe to allow her to help, but after numerous passionate kisses, Joe insists he is unmoved. When the acid trip turns out to be a bad one that leaves Wyatt and Billy more despondent than before, they take to the highways again. She confesses her love to Joe, and he admits he wants her, too. Members of both gangs are gathering, and as they edge toward each other menacingly, Maria steps between them and takes the gun from Chino. Once he retrieves food from the kitchen, Elliott draws a bath and speaks to his mother on the telephone while the alien swims in the water. Cast: Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes, Producer: Steven Spielberg|210355||Gerald R. Molen|237407||Branko Lustig|23808||Kathleen Kennedy|92606, Cast: James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes, Writer: Alec Coppel|9693||Samuel Taylor|217552. Finally, after weeks of exertion, he is able to run up the museum steps with ease, and at the top throws up his hands in triumph. Threatening both gangs with the gun, she accuses all of them of killing Tony, Riff and Bernardo. He apologizes to his audience for his threatened suicide, and explains that he had no other recourse. Munny joins Ned Logan and the Kid as they set out to find Quick Mike and Davey Bunting. Letting go of his rage and sorrow for the couple, Stingo finally leaves Brooklyn to begin the next stage of his life. Although the bandits are scared off by the appearance of federal soldiers, Cody is killed in the crossfire. He is chased into the city, where he meets a beautiful, blind flower girl, and buys a flower with his last coin. Mr. Green, an elderly man whose wife Esther is dying in the hospital, has come to the airport to pick up his niece Martha, a celebrity groupie who calls herself “L.A. Production Company: Walt Disney Productions, Ltd. After murmuring that he loved Spartacus like a father, Antoninus dies, and Spartacus proclaims that “he will come back, and he will be millions.” Crassus, fearful even in his victory, orders Spartacus crucified at the gates to Rome. Relaxing, Norman asserts that “we all go a little mad sometimes.” Realizing that she has gone mad herself, Marion tells Norman that she has to return to Phoenix, in hopes of escaping a private trap. Cast: Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders, Cast: Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson, Producer: B. G. DeSylva|189188||Joseph Sistrom|89693, Writer: Billy Wilder|22099||Raymond Chandler|128128. When Lisa, who has brought Jeff a lavish restaurant meal, suggests that he give up his globe-trotting and become a fashion photographer, Jeff reacts with disdain. Cast: Myrna Loy, Fredric March, Dana Andrews. Although there is nothing inside but sand, steam rises from the vessel, taking the form of ghosts. At an Oregon mental asylum, serene but tyrannical Nurse Ratched maintains firm control over the men’s ward. Exhausted, Rocky keeps struggling to his feet, even as the commentators wonder what could possibly be keeping him up, and Mickey demands that he give up. When she asks about the first time he tried to commit suicide, another patient, Cheswick, asks Ratched why she presses Billy on the subject when he does not wish to talk. The following night, Howard tells his audience that a voice woke him up that morning and told him to report the truth. Touched by the young woman's devotion to Margo, Karen brings her backstage. She finds Stacy, a friend of Fredrica Bimmel’s, who does not recall Fredrica having any male friends but says she often did tailoring for an older woman named Mrs. Littman. After overhearing the couple loudly making love, Stingo later witnesses Nathan abusing Sophie on the staircase. Hearing the shot, Amy gets off the train and runs back to town. The furious Popeye, unable to convince Simonson to give him more time, fights with Mulderig. Howard repeats a vulgarity several times, but Max refuses the producer’s request to take his friend off the air, even though sixty-seven million people are watching the incident on live television. 2021 North Western Avenue After rushing to her apartment, David finds Susan unmaimed, and Baby yearning to hear his favorite record, "I Can't Give You Anything But Love." When the German dispatch gives orders to acquire a “headpiece” from a professor named Abner Ravenwood, Indy acknowledges the name of his former mentor and realizes the Nazis have discovered the ancient city of Tanis, the focus of Ravenwood’s research. At daybreak, the commandoes discover that the water level of the river has dropped, exposing the wires leading to the detonator. Production Company: Paramount Pictures Corp., Patron, Inc. After school, Elliott shows the creature to Michael and Gertie, who yell in alarm, but agree to keep the creature a secret from their mother. Joe is knocked out, and aware that she will not see Shane again, Marian says a grateful goodbye. Apologizing for Miggs’s rudeness, he offers Clarice a clue, urging her, “Look deep within yourself.” He also instructs her to look up his former client, Miss Moffet. The gang speeds off in their Durango 95 sports car playing a game called “hogs of the road,” which entails forcing other drivers off the road. When Atticus agrees to represent Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a young white woman, Mayella Violet Ewell, the children must defend themselves against the racist taunts of their classmates. Then, as though still in the jungle, he scales the Empire State Building with Ann in his hand. Blanche DuBois arrives in New Orleans by train, and follows a sailor's directions to take a streetcar named "Desire" to her sister Stella Kowalski's apartment at Elysian Fields in the French Quarter. Munny pours himself a drink. Travis attempts to shoot himself next, but the guns are out of bullets. That night at home, Linnea receives a call from Tom Frank, who she met while on a musical tour. The video reveals that her mother poisoned her. In 1970, at a Mafia bar run by Henry, Billy Batts, a “made” gangster from another crime family, celebrates his return from prison. Linda chases after him and they make love in a motel. DID YOU KNOW? Joe then tells her that there will be no film of. Dazed, Fran barely listens to Buddy’s conversation, and when she pulls out her compact, he recognizes it as the one Sheldrake’s “girl friend” once left at the apartment. Before leaving, Lisa announces that she cannot continue seeing him without a commitment, then promises to return the next night. Michael explains his theory of the importance of killing a deer cleanly with one shot. One day, as Andy’s family prepares for an outing to Pizza Planet, his mother tells him he can only take one toy to the restaurant. At night, Travis stops at a convenience store. Terry goes to see Edie, and breaks down her apartment door when she refuses to let him in and demands to know if she cares for him. Emilio takes them to Scar's village, where they finally meet their elusive enemy, who explains that because his two sons were killed by white men, he has taken many white scalps in revenge. At the end of a tense weekend, Lloyd and Karen are driving Margo to the train station when the car suddenly runs out of gas. Delighted, Etta takes a ride with Butch who performs tricks on the bicycle before being run off by a bull. Ethan surveys the scene from the door of the house, turns around and slowly walks away. In Kaplan’s room, Roger finds a newspaper photograph of Vandamm who he still believes is Townsend, but is forced to flee when he realizes that Valerian and Licht have followed him. Andy is soon punished with solitary confinement for playing an opera recording over the public announcement system. Cloudy, who attempts to defend his partner, later visits Popeye’s apartment and finds him handcuffed to the bed by a young sexual partner. After admiring the piano playing of Jeff’s neighbor, a struggling composer, Lisa confronts Jeff about their relationship, challenging his perception that their romance is doomed because of their different lifestyles. Attempting to make a report, Charlie asks the people in the neighborhood who witnessed the crime to help him identify the assailants, but everyone remains mum. Agreeing to help Phyllis kill her husband, Walter meets with Dietrichson and, in Lola's presence, tries to sell him accident insurance. They make their way to Pizza Planet by jumping onto a delivery truck. She also adds new elements to the program, including a psychic and a gossip columnist. While attempting to rob a village bank, the duo is horrified that no one speaks English, prompting Etta to teach them holdup commands in Spanish. Implying that he does not want his vulnerable daughter to be taken advantage of, but also indicating that he feels sorry for the girl Hollis was seeing, Cross offers to double what Evelyn is paying if Jake finds the girl. Later, as Sam and Lila wait with Chambers and other officials at the courthouse, Norman is examined by a psychiatrist, Dr. Richmond. One afternoon, Fritz is having his English lesson when Brian reveals that a new pupil, Natalia Landauer, the daughter of a very rich Jewish family, is to arrive soon. Billy answers without stuttering that he is not, but when Ratched threatens to tell his mother, he breaks down and is taken from the room by the orderlies. The archeologist explains that after snatching Indy’s godhead in South America, he joined forces with the Nazis and has secret plans to obtain the ark for himself. Back at their house, the Starretts and Shane are met by Wilson, Ryker’s brother Morgan and Ryker, who in an attempt to appear reasonable, offers to sell Joe his land. Hunting for suspects, the police pick up Virgil Tibbs, a well-dressed black man, and bring him to headquarters for questioning. Although Joey agrees with Salvy, he observes that his stubborn brother, whom he affectionately calls "Jack," has "a head like concrete" and insists upon remaining independent. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER. To resist physical temptation, he decided to send her back to the camp while reluctantly agreeing to release her son to be raised as a German. American Film Institute Western. Angel, who has given a carton of munitions to the people of his village, is seized and held prisoner by the bandits. Walter confronts Phyllis and tells her that he knows she has used him and that he intends to frame Nino for the murder. In 2007, a jury of 1,500 film artists, critics and historians, members of the American Film Institute determined that Citizen Kane (1941) remained the greatest movie of all time, followed by 99 American classics. Unwelcome at motels because of their nonconformist appearance, they camp outdoors and smoke marijuana until they fall asleep. Now on the verge of hysteria over the possibility of bankruptcy and a prison term for embezzlement, George goes home, angry and sullen. The Prospector closes his eyes and attacks, and when he discovers that the leg he is clutching is actually that of a bear, he shoots it, finally providing them with a meal. Taking down his brother’s body, Terry vows revenge on Friendly, and sends Edie for Father Barry. When Jake returns to walk around the Oak Park Reservoir that evening, he hears a gunshot, then a rush of water, which quickly envelopes him. Maria weds the baron, and while they are away on their honeymoon, the Nazis take over Austria. After Yelburton sheepishly admits that some water has been diverted quietly to the northwest San Fernando Valley, Jake proffers that he is not after him, but those behind him. After the platoon finds Manny’s mutilated body tied to a tree by the river, Wolfe receives orders for the platoon to search a nearby village where Vietnamese soldiers may be hiding. At home, he writes to his parents, telling them he has a top-secret government job and a girlfriend named Betsy. Walter is dismayed to find another passenger, Jackson, sitting on the deck, but when he leaves to get Walter a cigar, Walter jumps off the back of the train. Meanwhile, Al awakens with a hangover, throws his army boots out the window and compares himself unfavorably to his pre-war photograph. The next morning, they are preparing to leave when they hear her father's detectives approaching. After checking into a seedy Manhattan hotel, Joe takes to the streets and eventually picks up Cass, a rich, coarse, middle-aged blonde. He then goes to the tub room, lifts the washing station and breaks the window, through which he leaves the asylum. While in Sheldrake's office, Joe encounters studio reader Betty Schaefer, who pans the script as formulaic. Keyes, disappointed, nevertheless reveals his affection for Walter, and Walter reciprocates, as Keyes lights Walter's final cigarette. A short time after Evelyn drives away with Katherine, Escobar and Loach arrive. Karen recalls when Eve first entered their lives: On a rainy October night, Karen arrives at the theater where Margo is starring in Lloyd's play, and is approached by Eve, who has been to every performance. Finally, instead of kissing her, he beats her. Later while tending his pigeons on the roof, Terry is visited by Glover and implies that he might be willing to testify. However, Alvy’s memories of his earlier marriages are not particularly happy. While The Man and The Woman make passionate love in the moonlight, The Wife tearfully comforts her baby. The next day, as they enter Big Whiskey, they see a bruised English Bob being driven out of town in a carriage. Although he is well-known and well-liked in his South Philadelphia neighborhood, back in his dingy apartment, he has only his turtles to whom he can report his triumph. Jeff is unimpressed by Tom’s evidence, pointing out that the woman may not have been Mrs. Thorwald. In 1951 Jake faces Robinson to defend his championship title in the “fight of the year.” As Joey watches the bout on television, Robinson viciously pounds Jake, sending streams of blood trickling down his legs and spewing from his mouth. When Scottie then asks her if she has ever been to the art gallery containing Carlotta’s portrait, she states that she has not, confirming Elster’s assertion that she does not remember her wanderings to places connected to Carlotta. Paulie declares Adrian a “loser,” a spinster at almost thirty, but invites Rocky to Thanksgiving dinner with them the following night. Pulling away from him, she boards a street car and he follows, and, as the trolley takes them into the city with its bustling crowds, he tries to reassure her. Sid tells them of a job at a college dance in Urbana and Joe accepts, then charms Nellie into loaning them her car for the Urbana gig. She suggests taking a vote, but most of the men are reluctant, even fearful, of voting against her will. When Candy and Rose arrive, McMurphy pulls them in through a window and awakens the men for a farewell party. Henry agrees to go back after accompanying Jimmy to Tampa, Florida, for a weekend job. The man reveals that, contrary to Sophie’s claims, her father was a fervent anti-Semite. Their “liquidation” from the ghetto results in mass bloodshed, as Nazi guards gun down anyone who attempts to hide or flee. Desperate to regain his affection, however, Judy goes along with his efforts until she looks just as she did when she was impersonating Madeleine. Cast: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman, Producer: Frank Marshall|53728||George Lucas|58957||Howard Kazanjian|71326, Writer: Lawrence Kasdan|178277||George Lucas|58957||Philip Kaufman|124877, Cast: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, George Segal, Cinematographer: Haskell Wexler|67768||Harry Stradling|67250. The American Film Institute asked more than 1,500 members of the film community to pick the 100 most thrilling films of all time. Turning the conversation back to Buffalo Bill, Clarice asks about the significance of the moth, which was found in Benjamin Raspail’s head as well as the latest victim’s, and Lecter says it is a symbol of change. The prosecution has presented two seemingly reliable eyewitnesses, and motivation for the murder was suggested by the youth's frequent fights with his father. Accepting their bad luck, they ride to Angel's home village, where they learn that the bandit general Mapache, a sadistic opponent of Pancho Villa, has killed Angel's father and ridden off with the youth's sweetheart, Teresa. Finally back at his house, Jake receives two anonymous calls from a man who says that Ida Sessions wants to see him. While Kong saves Ann from the jaws of an allosaurus Jack and Denham, the last two crew survivors, reunite. He stops by Paulie’s meat-packing plant, where Paulie, as is customary, pesters him for a job with Gazzo. At a well Lawrence is confronted by the sheikh Auda Abu Tayi, whom he persuades to join the assault on Aqaba, a Turkish port at the desert's edge. Sam, who runs a hardware store in Fairvale, California, assures her that they can marry after he pays his debts, but Marion longs for immediate respectability. Charley gives Terry the gun and says he will stall Friendly. When he is rejected because his skill as an engineer is deemed vital to the cause, Johnnie attempts to enlist under various disguises. Butch insists he remains the gang’s leader, leading Harvey to challenge him to a fight, which Butch quickly wins by distracting his opponent. Earlier, back at Brett’s apartment, Vincent and Jules are poised to leave with the briefcase when another man rushes out of the bathroom, shooting at them but missing with every shot. Inside her room, Dorothy is hit on the head by a window and knocked unconscious. That night, Roger escapes and takes a cab to Vandamm’s ranch, beside which a small airplane runway is lit. Afterward, Annie is embarrassed, believing that the crowd hated her. Upon learning that Sheldrake plans another tryst that evening, a distraught Buddy retreats to a nearby bar, becoming ill-humoredly drunk with melancholy stranger Margie MacDougall. Jack follows Kong and Ann into a cliffside cave and there Kong kills a giant snake. After watching Burns teach Korean mess hall boy Ho-jon to learn English by reading the Bible out loud, Duke and Hawkeye decide the sixteen-year-old would have more fun practicing with. Norma misinterprets DeMille's pitying kindness for a deal, and a staff of beauty experts descends on her house to ready her for the cameras. Later, Michael and his friends go hunting. Duane agrees and the boys spend a companionable evening watching the last movie. In addition, a shopkeeper identified the murder weapon as identical to an unusual and ornately carved knife he had sold the boy shortly before the murder. On the eve of his wedding, Dr. David Huxley, a dedicated paleontologist at the Stuyvesant Museum of Natural History, is sent by his fiancée and assistant, Alice Swallow, to play golf with Alexander Peabody, the lawyer for Mrs. Carleton Random, a potential million-dollar donor to the museum. The next morning, Mookie finds Sal outside the burned-out shop, crying about having built the pizzeria with his own hands. Angry, McMurphy grabs Ratched by the throat and strangles her, until Washington knocks him out. As the homesteaders depart, Ryker vows to fight on and sends for notorious Cheyenne gunslinger Jack Wilson. Although Scottie hopes to overcome his phobia, his longtime friend, Midge Wood, an artist who is in love with him, cautions him that only a severe emotional shock might snap him out of it. When a tramp interrupts to ask for change, the man recognizes Alex as the brutal youth who beat him years ago, and leads him to a tunnel teaming with elderly drunkards who accost him. He informs the senator that the killer is “Louis Friend,” a former lover of Benjamin Raspail. As she screams, Lila turns around to see Norman, wearing a wig and one of his mother’s dresses. Angry, Ponte kicks Raheem’s body and yells at him to get up. After Rick helps a young Romanian couple win enough money at roulette to allow them to leave the country, Lazlo, suspecting that Rick has the letters, asks to buy them. Ethan delivers Debbie to Mrs. Jorgensen's tearful embrace, and Laurie joyfully greets Martin, while Mose, looking on from his rocking chair, smiles. In a far-flung town, Butch and Sundance stop at the office of old friend Sheriff Ray Bledsoe, who angrily informs them that their presence might compromise his position. The General and Colonel at COMSEC relay that Kurtz has deserted the military and crossed into Cambodia with his own army of Montagnard Indians who regard him as a god-like figure. Top Ten Western Movies Presented by AFI #1 The Searchers. He invites her out, but she turns him down, in order to protect her unhappy marriage to Delbert, who shows polite indifference to her and their two deaf children. Emboldened, the other slaves follow suit and escape, forming an “army” that travels across the countryside, looting landowners and freeing slaves, who then join the swelling ranks. Michael tells Nick he has an escape plan: Michael will have the Viet Cong put three bullets in the Russian roulette gun and he and Nick will play each other. They regroup at Deckard’s apartment, and Rachael asks if Deckard would come after her if she ran away to the North. With this skeleton band, accompanied by Sherif Ali ibn el Karish, Lawrence crosses the Nefud Desert. 00:55 . Travis listens, occasionally glancing suspiciously at the passenger in the rearview mirror. One day, Tigranes, a representative of Salician pirates, visits to offer the slaves support. Soon after, Sal brings the heroin to Weinstock, whose drug expert tests it and reports that it is high-grade, valuable dope. Stella and Stanley start to fight, but she goes into labor and Stanley takes her to the hospital. While he is in the hospital, Sonny refuses to see Ruth and Duane joins the army. Billy Bibbit, the youngest patient in the ward who has a marked stutter, informs McMurphy that Bromden is a deaf-mute. Cast: Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Scott Glenn, Producer: Edward Saxon|183872||Kenneth Utt|93782||Ron Bozman|195947||Gary Goetzman|57228, Production Company: Strong Heart Productions, Cast: Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger, Warren Oates, Cast: Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Producer: Wendy Finerman|220464||Steve Tisch|237471||Steve Starkey|237472, Cinematographer: Don Burgess|237470||David M. Dunlap|278399, Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Jack Warden. The next day, Goeth experiments with showing mercy toward the Jewish prisoners, but quickly gives up and kills his houseboy for failing to properly clean his bathtub. Meanwhile, Harris orders the Air Force to “expend all remaining” within the surrounding perimeter. At basketball practice one afternoon, Coach Popper offers to get Sonny excused from class the next day for driving the coach’s wife Ruth to her doctor’s appointment, and Sonny agrees. Deckard then sees images of the two other suspects: Zhora, a female combat Replicant, and Pris, a beautiful “pleasure model.” Deckard learns that these Replicants are “Nexus 6” versions, built to have a four-year lifespan in order to prevent the development of human emotions over time. Tigranes agrees to the trade, and when he wonders aloud why Spartacus believes he can defeat the mighty Roman garrison, the former slave replies that, unlike soldiers, his men are not afraid to die, since even death is preferable to a life in chains. Travis approaches Palantine, but, when he reaches into his coat, the secret service men see him and spring into action. As Stingo tries to comfort her, Sophie grows worried that Nathan has not yet returned from work, and is annoyed with Stingo for questioning her lover’s obsession with the persecution of escaped Nazi war criminals. The boys publish their tiny newspaper, but Taylor's gang steals the papers and injures some of the boys. Afterward, Butch decides that the plan to rob the train on both of its scheduled trips through the area is sound. Mookie, a young African-American man, counts his cash at home then wakes up his sister, Jade, who fights to remain asleep. Police arrive and escort Catherine Martin and Clarice outside. In order to distract Lola, Walter spends the next few days with her, and learns that she has broken up with her college drop-out boyfriend, Nino Zachette. Soon after, Popeye is walking near his apartment when Nicoli, hiding on a rooftop, shoots at him. In the jungle late at night, Taylor wakes up fellow soldier, Junior, when it is his turn to stand watch; however, Junior quickly falls back asleep, and Taylor later wakes to find soldiers from the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) circling their camp. Butch assures Sundance the fall will likely kill them and, as their pursuers watch helplessly, the duo plunges into the river, which sweeps them away to safety. Marion accepts, but as she hides the cash in a newspaper she had purchased, she hears an old woman loudly berate Norman for attempting to bring a girl into her home. Jeff is there when they arrive, however, and she tells him about Paine, Taylor and the graft. Nicoli, now unarmed, turns to run, but Popeye shoots him in the back, killing him. Henry gets a job working at the cabstand. They follow a trail of broken branches left by Kong and soon stumble on a dinosaur, a horny-tailed stegosaurus, which they kill with gas bombs. The police apprehend Thorwald, who confesses that he deposited most of his wife’s body in the East River, except for her head, which he first buried in the garden and then packed in a hatbox. Goeth tells Schindler that the “party is over,” and everyone will soon be sent to Auschwitz. When Brigid learns of Cairo's visit, she asks Sam to set up a meeting with him and tells Cairo that she doesn't have the statue, but will in a few days. Maria again decides to leave when she hears that the baron plans to marry the baroness. Eve goes on in Margo's role that night, with Addison and several other critics in attendance, all of them invited that afternoon. Glenn Kelly watches the fragile Barbara Jean intently, and Haven is also there at the microphone to officially greet her. Meanwhile, Fran meets Sheldrake at the apartment and, receiving his Christmas gift of a $100 bill, becomes despondent. The fight begins, with Rocky’s friends watching eagerly on the local tavern television. That day, Haven has a barbecue at his home. The next day Terry reports to work as usual, but is ignored by the men and refused work by Big Mac. When Norman returns with sandwiches, he explains to the apologetic Marion that his mother is ”not quite herself.” Norman then invites her into his parlor behind the office, where Marion is nonplussed by the birds Norman has stuffed in pursuit of his hobby, taxidermy. He says that he will marry Melanie because they are alike, but leads Scarlett to believe that he loves her instead of Melanie. Raheem chokes Sal on the ground just as Officers Long and Ponte arrive, manhandling Buggin Out and Raheem. The American Film Institute asked more than 1,500 members of the film community to pick the 100 funniest films of all time. Sundance reveals his real name is Harry Longabaugh and as the men toast each other, the townspeople lose interest in the marshal's exhortations when a salesman demonstrates a new invention, the bicycle.

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